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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic - a humanitarian donation to Ukraine, 2023

The MMU container medical units are intended for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic as a humanitarian donation to Ukraine.

Next-Generation Hospital in Bratislava, 2023

Healthcare facility with a total capacity of 405 beds, with more than 50 specialties and 6 main medical programs.

Nemocnice AGEL Přerov, Czech republic, 2022

Modernization of the operating theatre environment to the AGEL Přerov Hospital

Nemocnice AGEL Prostějov, Česká republika, 2021

Předmětem dodávky byl speciální zdravotnický nábytek do operačních sálů, zázemí operačních sálů a centrální sterilizace

Rekonstrukce operačních sálů, Nemocnice AGEL Přerov, 2021

Předmětem díla byla rekonstrukce operačních sálů č. 1 – 5 v Pavilonu operačních sálů a č. 6 v Pavilonu pro matku a dítě.

Rehabilitation Hospital of Beroun, Czech Republic, 2021

Implementation of the work in the scope of "Construction of clean spaces, Air-conditioning, Measurement and regulation, Cooling, Heating, Health technology and Medical furniture, Video management" professions.

Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2021

Volume Study of Prefabricated Hospital 50 beds in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (modular system)

Faculty Hospital with Policlinic in Skalica, a.s., 2020

Modernization of Hospital Infrastructure in Skalica” – the 2nd Part of Construction Works: Construction works of Gynaecological-obstetric pavilion on the 2nd and 3rd floors

Container Hospital in Columbia, 2020

Mobile healthcare facilities for Covid-19 patients: 4 sets of mobile critical care unit CCU20+

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