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Isolator Technology

Isolator Technology

The manufacturer and supplier of isolator technology is our partner company BLOCK Technology which is also a member of the BLOCK® group. 

BLOCK Technology is the manufacturer and supplier of isolator technology and equipment for clean rooms. It’s been functioning in this field since 2004. It is based in the Czech Republic where it has its own teams of top experts, people with know-how and its own production. BLOCK Technology offers both standard product lines and custom production based on the customer’s specific requirements with the main specialization being the custom production of isolator technology.

BLOCK Technology's isolator solutions enable flexible and safe material handling and a user-friendly environment that makes work process easier and safer. During process, BLOCK Technology always chooses the highest quality materials and pays attention to the precise solution of details

More information here: www.blocktechnology.eu


Customized Solutions of Isolator Technology

Our main specialization is the custom production of isolator technology. We approach each customer individually and thanks to our own design department and production we respond flexibly to our customer’s specifications and requirements. We’ve made more than one hundred custom isolators for customers from many European and Asian countries. Our customer solution stands out for its well-thought-through design solution, production precision and the quality of the materials used.

BLOCK Technology

In addition to custom production, we also offer standard products that the customer can configure based on our offer and this way adapt the products to their own needs.

Isolator Technology

Weighing Isolator l Containment Isolator

Sterility Test Isolator

BSC III – Biological Safety Cabinet Class lll

Glove Tester

HPV Decontamination

Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generator – Puriter

Integrated VHP Generator (equipment integration into the isolator or the pass-through cabinet)

Integrated System of Building Decontamination

Clean Room Equipment

Air and Surface Disinfector – BLOCK® Pure UV

Weighing Booth with Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Field from Circulation Units

Microbiological Safety Cabinet – SafeMate ECO+

Transfer systems, Stainless Steel Furnishings

VHP Decontamination Lock

Continuous Liner for a Partition

Stainless Steel Furnishings


Specification, Consultancy (URS) Optimisation Production FAT Test Logistics Installation SAT Test, IQ, OQ,PQ Validations Maintenance

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This product is offered by the BLOCK Technology a.s. company which is a member of the BLOCK® Group.

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