Complex provision of medical buildings and individual medical departments.

For the healthcare sector we perform complex provision of medical buildings and individual medical departments. We are also a respected supplier of individual operational units, technological units and internal equipment. For implementation of medical departments with clean rooms we produce our own systems - Formedical®, BLOCK® Surgical and Forclean® GMP.  

Turnkey facilities

Hospitals • Clinics • Tissue Centers • Blood and Tissue Banks • PET Centers • Medical Institutes • Pharmacies • Medical Laboratories • etc.
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Medical departments

Diagnostic rooms, central sterilization, pathology departments, pncology departments, pharmacies and pharmacology facilities, medical laboratories,  anaesthesiological-resuscitation units, critical care units, inpatient departments, radiology departments.

Operating theaters

Our own development and production of system for built-in operating theatres.

BLOCK® cleanrooms compliant to GMP standards

Systems for built-in cleanrooms compliant to GMP standards. Our own development and production. 

BLOCK® laboratories

Built-in laboratories, supply of laboratory furnishings, equipment and accessories.

Medical (device) technology


Medical furnishings




Operation Theatres BLOCK® for Cardiac Surgeries

IKEM (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine); Prague, Czechia, 2017


Reconstruction and modernization of the existing two aseptic operation theatres, Nos. 3 and 4, together with their back-office.

  • The operation theatres are designated for cardiac surgeries
  • Support facilities for operating theatres
  • To the theatres sterile material is supplied through automatic sliding doors from a sterile corridor

Scope of delivery:

  • Inbuilt premises BLOCK Surgical and BLOCK Formedical.
  • Multifunction panels, glazing with blinds between the aseptic corridor and operating theatre, ceiling dimmable LED lamps, laminar fields for operating theatres, pure adapters with HEPA filters, automatic doors, fire-resistant doors, inbuilt stainless steel wash troughs, protection elements Acrovyn, analogue and digital clocks, laber Keep off X-ray/Laser, lightweight metal suspended ceilings etc. were delivered.
  • Design and protection elements: For every operating theatre has been laid out a DESIGN panel with a graphic motif, size 1,500 x 3,000 mm (width y height).

Transplant Operation Theatres BLOCK®

IKEM (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine); Prague, Czechia, 2016


Reconstruction and modernization of the Transplant Center includes the following facilities: Transplant Center includes the following facilities:

  • Operating rooms 7 and 8 an its utility rooms - organ transplants
  • Laboratory for isolation and transplantation of islets of Langerhans
  • The site of the cell treatment of critical lower limb ischemia and diabetic foot
  • Postoperative room for patients
  • Room for doctors and medical personnel

Scope of delivery:

  • built-in: BLOCK Surgical system
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R)
  • Wiring and piping of media and medical gases
  • Video management of medical areas
  • Medical furnishings
  • Design and protection elements

BLOCK® references - planning, design and implementation of medical buildings and individual medical departments

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Associations Membership

In order to offer you the best quality services, we support the continuous education and development of our employees and membership in related organizations:


Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices

  • All members of the association attest to the high quality of their products and services. The association’s goal is to support companies in the domestic as well as the global markets. Thanks to board members’ knowledge and experience and the support of AMSMD, quality suppliers just starting out can also establish themselves trading in the highly competitive medical devices and services market.
  • The main focus of the association is branch development, marketing support for member companies, education support for employees of member companies and information services in the spheres of legislation and quality management.


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