Turnkey Operating Theatres, Cleanrooms and other Medical Departments

Operating theatres

Operating theatres | Hybrid operating rooms | Procedure rooms | Robotic theatres | Infectious rooms | Angiography and Angiology rooms | and others

The design and complex implementation of operating theatres is our main specialization. Operating theatres are complex functional units consisting of the operating theatre built-in itself, the air conditioning system, internal distribution systems, technology, video management and furnishings. When implementing a turnkey operating theatre, we will supply all of these components. The result for you will be a fully functional operating theatre, ready for full operation.

We have developed and manufacture our own BLOCK Surgical® system for operating room built-ins within the BLOCK® Group.

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ICU | ARO (Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation) | DAICM | Central sterilization | Bone marrow transplantation Assisted reproduction centre | Gene and advanced therapy | Laboratories (BSL 1-4, GMO, tissue, islets of Langerhans laboratories, etc.) | Hospital pharmacies | Dilution of cytostatics | Production and preparation of radiopharmaceuticals | Aseptic preparation and filling | and others

Designing and complex implementation of medical workplaces requiring a clean environment is our main specialization. We refer to cleanrooms as defined according to ISO 14 644-1 or the relevant VYR from SÚKL (State Institute for Drug Control). Cleanrooms are complex functional units consisting of the cleanroom construction itself, air conditioning systems, internal distribution systems, technologies and furnishings. When implementing a turnkey cleanroom, we will supply all of these components. The result for you will be a fully functional cleanroom, ready for full operation.

We develop and manufacture our own systems for cleanroom installations within the BLOCK® group: the Formedical® System, the BLOCK Surgical® System, the Forclean® GMP System.

Medical departments

Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology | Cardiology Dept. | Transplantation Dept. | Dept. Of Surgery | ENT Dept. | Ophthalmology Dept. | Oncology dept. | Dept. Of Radiology and Imaging l Pathology Dept. | Emergency Reception l and others


In addition to operating theatres and other medical cleanrooms, we also design and implement medical wards where cleanrooms form only a part of the ward, or which may not meet cleanroom standards. Even here, however, emphasis is placed on demanding technological solutions, quality and durability of materials or complex structural modifications and systems. We supply medical wards as turnkey functional units consisting of building modifications, modular systems, air conditioning, internal distribution systems, technology and furnishings.


It is also possible to use our own systems for the installation of these spaces: the Formedical® System, the BLOCK Surgical® System, the Forclean® GMP System.

Turnkey solutions

Your projects will be implemented in the form of turnkey delivery, i.e. ensuring the complex implementation of the project from the initial technical design, through the preparation of all necessary stages of project documentation, to the actual implementation, delivery of medical technology, start up, measurement and testing, validation and warranty and post-warranty service.


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BLOCK® modular systems for built-ins medical cleanrooms

Formedical® System

Medical Departments

Formedical® System

Designed for the construction of all types of medical facilities where the cleanliness of the environment and a simple design are important. Asepsis, patient and staff protection, technology innovation and space design are crucial parameters in these facilities.

Own development and manufacture within the BLOCK® Group.

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BLOCK Surgical® System

Operating Theatres

BLOCK Surgical® System

Designed for the implementation of operating theatres. The wall system is based on a horizontal division of panels. The centre and bottom parts are thus removable. It allows an easy integration of technology, cabinets and other parts whenever needed.

Own development and manufacture within the BLOCK® Group.

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Forclean® GMP System

Čisté prostory podle pravidel cGMP a FDA - Laboratoře | Tkáňová centra

Forclean® GMP System

For the construction of cGMP and FDA compliant cleanrooms where the crucial parameter is the prevention of particulate and microbial contamination.

Own development and manufacture within the BLOCK® Group.

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Special medical furnishings

A selection of standard medical furnishings solutions:

  • Premium stainless steel furnishing – made of stainless steel painted in shade RAL
  • Stainless steel furnishing for healthcare – made of stainless steel with SB grinding
  • Stainless steel furnishing for cleanrooms - made of stainless steel with SB grinding
  • Galvanized painted furnishing – made of galvanized steel painted in shade RAL


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Video integration and videomanagement

We will supply you with a complex video management system for operating theatres:

  • All-in-device (monitor with PC) – control console
  • Display monitors (4K, 21" up to 55")
  • Diagnostic monitors
  • Combined consoles (AOI + display monitor)
  • Multifunction (control) panels with room sound system
  • Software, servers, cabling, converters, switches
  • Streaming videos, component control via tablet/mobile phone

Design – graphic panels

Graphic panels help you create a pleasant and calming working environment. The panels can be printed with photographs and vector graphics according to the customer's request, in accordance with the overall colour scheme of the space. Most often, we incorporate graphic panels created using a new digital printing method, which we apply directly to our metal built-ins. It is safe to say that printing can be applied in any scale to partitions, doors or ceilings. Components printed in this way still provide maximum resistance to disinfectants and possible mechanical damage.


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Precise details, smart solutions

In the production and installation of built-ins, we place emphasis on quality detailing, which is essential for spaces that are demanding in terms of environmental quality. And because we develop and manufacture the individual components of all our systems ourselves, we always strive to find the perfect and smart solution, such as:

  • Precise coving solutions
  • Built-in components
  • Drive-through cabinet
  • Sealed joints
  • BLOCK® Single Switches
  • Laminar flow range marking on the floor

BLOCK® modular systems benefits

  • Customized design, adapted the technical requirements of the renovated space.
  • Wide range of materials and colours.
  • Prefabricated modules that ensure fast construction, minimise operational constraints and eliminate costs.
  • Design-led.
  • Reduced risk of spreading bacteria.
  • Possibility to incorporate technology and other accessories into the wall.
  • Easy dismantling and quick service access.

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