BLOCK Surgical® System

Modern Operating Theatres with a unique Design

BLOCK® represents a new generation of operating theatres to ensure optimal conditions for the patient, the doctor and the operating team. We have developed a new modular system that is variable in terms of operation, space, colour and material. Thanks to the possibility of incorporating modern technologies, it meets the highest demands. The system meets the high demands for hygienic safety, easy cleaning and disinfection. Its advantage is the removability of the central and lower parts, which allows easy integration of technologies, cabinets and other elements whenever needed. The high variability of the modular system offers a large range of colour combinations and material finishes. The BLOCK Surgical® system is suitable for all types of operating theatres.

  • Wall systems and covings
  • Structural system
  • Upper module
  • Middle module
  • Bottom module
  • Aluminium covings and accessories
  • Graphic panels
  • Metal panels
  • Glass panels
  • HPL panels (high-pressure laminate)
  • Acrovyn Imagine
  • Flooring including covings
  • Floor covering made from homogenous PVC strips
  • Poured floors / antistatic poured floors
  • Doors and door framing
  • F Hinged door
  • Automatic sliding doors – standard
  • Automatic sliding doors – tight
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Forclean lightweight metal suspended ceiling
  • Modular suspended ceiling
  • Atypical ceiling panels
  • Lighting equipment
  • Forclean LED snap-on light for lightweight metal suspended ceilings
  • Filtration adapters
  • Purofil filtration adapter for lightweight metal suspended ceilings
  • Filtration vent-grilles for operating theatres
  • HVAC adapters and grilles
  • HVAC adapter for lightweight metal suspended ceilings
  • HVAC grilles
  • Medical Furnishings
  • Accessories
  • “No entry” lamp
  • Contactless switch

Horizontal Division of Panels into Three Lines

  • Compatibility of up to 3 colours and materials on one partition.
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  • Easy integration of new technologies and equipment is possible whenever needed, thanks to the simple disassembly of all three modules (upper, middle, lower).

Design – Graphic Panels

Graphic panels help you create a pleasant and calming working environment. The panels can be printed with photographs and vector graphics according to the customer's request, in accordance with the overall colour scheme of the space. Most often, we incorporate graphic panels created using a new digital printing method, which we apply directly to our metal built-ins. It is safe to say that printing can be applied in any scale to partitions, doors or suspended ceilings. Components printed in this way still provide maximum resistance to disinfectants and possible mechanical damage.


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Easy Integration of Technology, Equipment, Cabinets and Other Components

The system design allows for direct integration of medical technology, equipment, cabinets and other components.

  • Electrical, media and HVAC end components
  • Medical technology (wall ramps, negatoscopes, medical monitors, etc.)
  • Drive-through and pass-through cabinets sterilized items
  • Pass-through cabinets
  • Built-in cabinets
  • Built-in monitors, digitization computers and multifunction panels


1 – Lighting color setting (RGBW configuration) and light intensity setting
2 – Light intensity setting
3 – Laminar field with built-in lighting

Special Medical Furnishings

A selection of standard medical furnishings solutions:

  •  Premium stainless steel furnishing – made of stainless steel painted in shade RAL
  • Galvanized painted furnishing – made of galvanized steel painted in shade RAL
  • Stainless steel furnishing for cleanrooms – made of stainless steel with SB grinding
  • Stainless steel furnishing for healthcare – made of stainless steel with SB grinding


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Video Integration And Videomanagement

We will supply you with a complex video management system for operating theatres:


  • All-in-device (monitor with PC) – control console
  • Display monitors (4K, 21" up to 55")
  • Diagnostic monitors
  • Combined consoles (AOI + display monitor)
  • Multifunction (control) panela with room sound system
  • Software, servers, cabling, converters, switches
  • Streaming videos, component control via tablet/mobile phone

BLOCK Surgical® System Benefits

  • Unique design - horizontal division of panels into three lines with color and material variation.
  • Individual configuration of operating theatres according to your requirements.
  • Easy removability of panels.
  • Color, material and design variability.
  • The BLOCK Surgical® technology solution allows you to reduce the build-up time of operating theatres and ensure the highest possible quality.
  • The system is able to adapt to new trends whenever needed - the system allows for easy future integration of technology, equipment, cabinets and other components.

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More references here >>

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