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New FZU Pavilion, Czech Republic, 2021

New pavilion: Supply and installation of clean rooms, pass-through cabin, end elements for HVAC equipment, etc.
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Synthon, s.r.o., Czech Republic, 2021

Laboratories for Synthon Blansko: Analytic Operation Bulding.
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Vodovody a kanalizace, Vsetín a.s.; Czech Republic, 2017

Reconstruction of the Karolinka microbiological laboratory.
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The Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia, 2015

Build-up of the R & D Centre of Immunoactive Substances. Turnkey implementation.
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Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia, 2012

Virology laboratory, BSL3.
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IOCB Prague, Czech Republic, 2011

Reconstruction and adjustments of the biochemistry building. Laboratories.
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Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, 2006

Total reconstruction of object Hlavova. Laboratories.
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