Validation, Qualification, Authorized Measurements, Measurement Review

BLOCK® AMT (Analysis, Measurement and Testing) Department offers comprehensive validation and qualification services through a team of experienced validation engineers and specialists with advanced equipment. We offer these services for both re-qualification for existing facilities and for newly constructed or refurbished facilities, ranging from the preparation of VMP, URS, DQ to the execution of IQ, OQ and PQ qualifications for systems, equipment and cleanrooms, including computer systems. We also offer GMP and QA consulting, external audits and training.

validation and qualification

  • Collaboration in the development of VMPs, risk assessments, risk analyses and URS for new projects
  • Design Qualification - assessment of projects from a GMP perspective
  • Performing IQ, OQ, PQ qualifications for:
    • Cleanrooms, Isolator Workstations, HVAC Systems

    • Pure media - PW, WFI, PS, compressed air and other gases

    • Selected technological and sterilisation equipment

    • Validation of temperature fields, thermal chambers, warehouses, transport

  • Validation of computer and monitoring systems according to GAMP and GMP
  • Cooperation in process qualification and process validation (PQ and PV)
  • Regular retraining including service and regulation


The AMT Department of the BLOCK® Group is an authorized laboratory in the areas of:

  • Set B3 - Measurement of fibrous dust and indoor environmental cleanliness classes
  • Set B4 - Detection and measurement of microclimatic parameters in the indoor environment of constructions
  • Set H5 - Detection and measurement of microclimatic parameters in the working environment

Particularly useful in the verification of parameters of the internal environment of operating theatres and their facilities, tissue banks, pharmacies, etc.


We carry out consulting services in the full range of performed and regulated activities for customers in the fields of pharmaceutics, healthcare, medical device manufacturing, electrical engineering, biotechnology and other high end production.



Expert GMP assessment of existing production facilities and equipment
Expert assessment of the existing production process and related documentation



GMP training
Validation and Qualification training
Specific seminars based on customer requirements


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