Manufacture and Implementation

We have developed and we manufacture our own BLOCK® systems and products for demanding projects. These include cleanroom components, insulator technology, technology equipment and stainless-steel furnishings.

All our products are based on long-term experience and ensure maximum reliability for the customer.

All BLOCK® products can be customized to meet specific requirements. This offers the customer great variability and flexibility in creating the ideal working environment. During production, we place emphasis on the attention to detail, which is essential for spaces that are demanding in terms of environmental quality.

Installation and commissioning of our products is a given.


Our implementations are strengthened by our own production program. Processing details is essential for constructing rooms with high demands on environmental quality. We have 2 Production Sites within the BLOCK® Group (in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia), where we make:

Components for built-in cleanrooms

Components for built-in cleanrooms

Isolator Technology and Technological Equipment

Isolator Technology and Technological Equipment

Stainless Steel Furnishings

Stainless Steel Furnishings

BLOCK, Czechia

Design Activities, Service and Validation

Provides quality project documentation in all phases of the project. Following the implementation of the project, we validate all deliveries according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by a group of our own validation engineers. Warranty and after-sales service is also provided by our own trained technicians.

Design Division

The design division consists of chief project engineers, independent designers and project engineers. We offer document preparation in the areas of cleanroom built-ins, technology, HVAC, piping (health, heating, cooling, clean media), high current, low current, measurement and regulation.

Validation Department

BLOCK® AMT (Analysis, Measurement and Testing) Department offers complete validation and qualification services through a team of experienced validation engineers and specialists with modern equipment.

These services are offered for both revalidation for existing facilities and for newly constructed or refurbished facilities, ranging from the preparation of VMP, URS, DQ to the execution of IQ, OQ and PQ qualifications for systems, equipment and cleanrooms, including computer systems. We also offer GMP and QA consulting, external audits and training.

Service and Regulation Centre

BLOCK® Service and Regulation Centre offers comprehensive services in the supply of functional process units and HVAC service activities. According to your requirements, we are able to offer optimal solutions in the field of HVAC and cooling systems, including measurement and control systems, measurement and control of functional process units and HVAC service activities. We offer these services as a part of the turnkey delivery of investment units or as a separate delivery.

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BLOCK CRS, Czechia

Implementation of Capital Projects, Engineering Services

BLOCK CRS implements investment units with a focus on advanced technology and cleanrooms.

Our project managers and construction managers manage the execution of the job from preparation to the handover to the customer. They coordinate all site work and negotiate with subcontractors and the customer.

Complex construction implementation includes:

  • Complete delivery of all parts of the construction
    • Architectural and construction solutions
    • Technical building equipment
    • Built-ins of (clean) rooms
    • Furnishings
    • Technology, technological media
    • Campus routes and landscaping
  • Designer’s supervision
  • Regulation
  • Commissioning of equipment and training of personnel
  • Commissioning
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BLOCK Technology, Czechia

Isolator Technology and Technological Equipment

BLOCK Technology is the manufacturer and supplier of isolator technology and equipment for clean rooms. It’s been functioning in this field since 2004. It is based in the Czech Republic where it has its own teams of top experts, people with know-how and its own production. BLOCK Technology offers both standard product lines and custom production based on the customer’s specific requirements with the main specialization being the custom production of isolator technology.

Custom Isolator Technology Production

  • The main specialization of BLOCK Technology is custom isolator technology production.

Standard BLOCK Technology Isolator and Product Lines

  • Isolator Technology
    • Weighing Isolator
    • Sterility Test Isolator
    • BSClll – Biological Safety Cabinet Class lll
    • Glove Tester
  • VHP Decontamination
    • Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generator – Puriter
    • Integrated Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generator
    • Integrated Building Decontamination System
  • Cleanroom Equipment
    • Air and Surface Disinfector – BLOCK® Pure UV
    • Weighing Booth
    • Laminar Field of Circulating Units
    • Microbiological Safety Cabinet – SafeMate ECO+
  • Transfer Systems
    • VHP Decontamination Lock
    • Continuous Liner for a Partition
    • Stainless Steel Furnishings
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FOR Clean, Slovakia

Cleanroom construction component manufacture, thin sheets processing

FOR Clean is a production company with years of experience which specializes in the processing of thin-sheet metal. The company was founded in 1999 in Piešťany. FOR Clean, a.s. manufactures its own product lines which may be used not solely for the implementation of cleanrooms. Alongside the product production we also focus on custom production according to specific customer criteria and requirements.

  • Custom processing of thin-sheet metal
  • Cleanroom Implementation Systems
    • Forclean® GMP System
      GMP compliant cleanrooms
    • Forclean® Industry System
      Industrial cleanrooms
    • Formedical® System
      Cleanrooms for healthcare
  • Stainless steel furnishing
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AR Technik sídlo

A.R. Technik, Czechia

Process automation systems

Since 1992, A.R. Technik has been engaged in design and implementation activities in the field of measurement and control, production control systems and the following warranty and post-warranty service on the domestic and foreign market.

During the company's operation period, services have been expanded into the areas of industrial automation, control programming and SCADA data acquisition, and the provision of complex high current installations.


The company's strength is its experienced team of professionals with a focus on cleanrooms.

A.R. Technik operates in the following areas:

  • Pharmacy
  • Healthcare
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Chip manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Smart buildings
  • Energy
  • Biogas installations
  • Wastewater treatment plants
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