Consultancy, Guidance, Technical Support



  • Consulting, guidance and technical support in the planning stages of construction projects in any demanding technological area
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Study Assessments – of architectural, technical, technological aspects
  • Consultancy in the field of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and QA (Quality Assurance)
    • Implementation of GMP and QA systems
    • Documentation
    • Assessment of projects - focussing on GMP (DQ, EDR)
  • Expert assessments and audits in the field of GMP

  • External Audits
    • GMP – Czech, EU, USA
    • FDA
    • Quality Assurance Systems
  • Energetic Audits and Concepts, Environmental Audits

  • Customer Technical Support – in selection of technological equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical or electro-technical industries

  • Training and lecture activities

  • Securing financing

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