Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Generator

The vaporized hydrogen peroxide generator serves to decontaminate and sterilize inner surfaces using liquid hydrogen peroxide. The whole process is possible due to a patented technology. In usual conditions, the VHP generator can sanitize and disinfect inner surfaces of closed boxes or rooms.

The device is equipped with a main switch, a touch panel with program selection and adjustable parameters, run signalization and failure warning, a printer for printing reports of the process course, and may include archiving of data from previous cycles.


Potential uses

  • Inner surfaces of closed boxes (isolators, etc.)
  • Inner room surfaces



  • Process works at normal temperatures (at about 25-30 °C) and normal pressures
  • No toxic residues arise as hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water after the decontamination 
  • Mobile device = possible decontamination of surfaces in various locations
  • Possible connection to more devices via DN50 triclamp
  • Possible integration with an isolator or a pass-through cabin
  • Touch display with intuitive controls 


Technical Parameters

  • Structural material: AISI 304 stainless steel, FIN8 grinded surface
  • Total power consumption of 2.5 kW
  • Operation via a touch screen with program selection
  • Control system: A SIEMENS touch panel, TP700 Comfort
  • Compressed air supply – connection to the central distribution/own fan



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