Services, Scope of Deliveries

We deliver cleanrooms in various capacities subject to an agreement between the customer and the supplier. On the one hand, there are complete turnkey deliveries; on the other hand, it is possible to deliver chosen components and services.



Delivery of systems and individual components

Accompanying services:

  • Consultancy at the beginning
  • Processing of production documentation
  • Processing of BIM model
  • Tailor-made production / adaptations of serial produced products
  • Logistic services
  • Installation
  • Training for professional installation
  • Expert supervision and consultancy at installation
  • Warranty and post-warranty service



Complete turnkey deliveries of cleanrooms

Accompanying services:

  • Consultancy, technical support
  • Design and planning work
  • Production and installation
  • Implementation, engineering
    • Building supervision
    • Inner piping and wiring
    • Installation of cleanrooms
    • Supply and installation of technology and media distribution elements
    • Equipping interiors with special furnishing
    • Adjustments and set-up
    • Putting specific devices into operation
    • Putting the whole facility into operation and commissioning
  • Qualification and validation, authorized measurements, check measurements

  • Services, Outsourcing service

  •  BIM (Building Information Management / Modeling)





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