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An important aspect of solutions offered by BLOCK® is the maintenance and servicing in the course of repairs, inspections, and final proofs of production facilities and of equipment in the fields of pharmaceuticals, electrical, chemical, medical, and in other similar industries.

This work is performed by experienced service technicians and engineers, who are regularly trained with partner companies (e.g. Daikin, Gea, Flair).

In these activities we can rely on the specialized BLOCK® divisions and centres, including the Technical Preparation Division, Validation Centre – AMT (Analyses, Measurements and Testing) and others.

BLOCK's scope of activity not only includes the Czech Republic, with our service centres in Valašské Meziříčí and Prague, but also other European countries.


Brief overview of service and inspection activities:

  • Warranty and post-warranty service of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and cooling equipment (HVAC&R) for various industrial branches and for demanding technologies
  • Refurbishments and repairs of cooling equipment compressors
  • Status checks of bearings in rotating machines with a diagnostic device and with a subsequent recommendation pertaining to further bearing use; regular or irregular check intervals
  • Commissioning and testing of HVAC&R systems, including operator training
  • Complete installation of air-conditioning and cooling equipment, including commissioning and operator training. The underlying aim of these activities is to meet requirements laid on such production facilities and technologies as they were tested, classified, and validated on acceptance upon implementation.
  • Periodic servicing and repairs of cleanroom parts (floors, partition walls, lower ceilings) and cleanroom equipment (furniture, doors, inside windows)
  • Regular preventive service inspections in agreed intervals on the basis of long-term service contracts for cleanrooms and HVAC&R, rooms – outsourcing services
  • Minor orders of a service nature according to one-off or long-term agreements
  • Hydronic balancing of pipeline networks
  • Setting and adjusting of HVAC&R systems
  • Checking air-conditioning systems in accordance with the Regulation No. 277/2007
  • Complete testing
  • Construction and service of control systems and of visualization master stations (central operator sites)
  • Final inspection of fire dampers
  • Final inspection, both initial and periodic
  • Checks of cooling appliances for leaks of controlled substances (Freon) and of fluorated "greenhouse" gases (CHGs); checks performed by trained workers, certified and recorded in a register of technicians of cooling and air-conditioning appliances


Outsourcing Services

Complete Facility Management.


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