Pass-through Cabin with VHP

The pass-through cabin with VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) serves as a material air lock for the transfer of materials between rooms where there are different purity classes (usually B and C purity class). For the decontamination of instruments and materials, a decontamination cycle is employed with the help of hydrogen peroxide vapours. The VHP generator is a part of the decontamination pass-through cabin, thus they comprise a single device.

Pass-through cabins comply with the 4-leak tightness class pursuant to ISO 10648-2.


Technical Parameters

  • Work in a vacuum atmosphere in contrast to the ambient surroundings

  • HEPA H 14 filtration in the inlet as well as the outlet of the pass-through cabin

  • Maximum achievable temperature in the cabin: 30 °C

  • Material of pass-through chambers – AISI 316L (EN 1.4404), polished surface finish with rounded corners

  • Other construction materials – AISI 304, hardened glass, silicone, POM-C, etc



  • Low operating costs
  • Low-temperature decontamination
  • Quick interval of a decontamination cycle
  • Environmental protection, by-products are only water vapour and oxygen
  • Long operation life, minimal maintenance demands
  • Choice of several types and sizes
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Possible validation of decontamination cycle
  • Possible data recording on a recording unit, printer or PC


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