We finished two important orders for Bioveta a.s. in Ivanovice na Hané

09. 04. 2019

Serums Production Hall (BSH – Bioveta Serum Hall)

In the BSH, BLOCK® carried out the following range of supplies: Refurbishment, completion, and superstructure implementation of the building. The structure is a part of a building complex serving for administration, production, quality control, and R&D of pharmaceutical veterinary products.The rooms on the 1st storey above ground serve for the new production of serums from equine blood. The 2nd storey serves as a common machine room for the media.The total area of implemented production and auxiliary rooms amounts to 300 m2 

Virology Department on the 2nd Storey Above Ground of The Bioveta Novelty Hall (BNH)

The Bioveta Novelty Hall (BHN) was built for the purpose of researching equine and poultry vaccines. The indoor rooms with the most state-of-the-art HIGH technologies were designed to meet the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Praxis (GMP) and to provide pleasant working environment for the staff in Bioveta a.s.



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