Medical Furnishings

Built-in furniture in wall systems

  • Pass-through cabinets for operating theatres
  • Pass-through cabins
  • Pass-through vertically sliding window
  • Cabinets for catgut and surgeon materials
  • Cabinets for a built-in monitor
  • Cabinets for an all-in-one computer


SPECIal medical furnishings

  • Standard assemblies of special furniture
    • Work lines for patient preparation rooms
    • Storage cabinets for sterile materials
    • Washing tables for central sterilization
    • Cabinets with ISO modules
    • Cabinets for STJ containers
    • Storage cabinets for medical instruments and consumable materials
  • Special furniture modules
    • Bottom cabinets
    • Upper cabinets
    • Tall cabinets
  • Special furniture accessories
    • Built-in refrigerator
    • Built-in deep freezer
    • Built-in safe for opiates and pharmaceuticals
    • ISO module baskets


Medical furnishings

  • Stainless steel medical furnishings
    • Work tables
    • Work lines
    • Washing sinks for physicians
    • Physician wash troughs
    • Washing tables
    • Setting tables
    • Shelves for cleanrooms
    • Racks
    • Stand-alone cabinets
    • Stainless sinks
  • Laminated DTD and HPL furniture
    • Work lines
    • Storage cabinets for sterile materials
    • Storage cabinets for instruments
    • Pharmacies


Mobile medical furniture

  • Medical carts
  • Instrument carts
  • Shelf carts
  • Mobile storage systems
  • Transfer carts for central sterilization containers
  • Cabinet carts for sterile material transfer
  • Closed cabinet carts for decontamination containers
  • Four-drawer containers
  • Steps and tread boards
  • Carts for packaging material of central sterilization



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