Isolator For Cytostatics

Isolator provides a high degree of protection for the personnel working with cytostatic and otherwise hazardous materials. It works in a negative pressure atmosphere in cleanliness class “A”, with a laminar airflow of 0.45 m/s ±20%. Isolator can be used for example, in pharmacies or hospitals, for preparation (dilution and dosing) of cytostatic and followed by drug administration to patients.


Device description

  • Working chamber and a pair of material pass-throughs
  • Option of two or four gloves in the working chamber
  • Oval holes with gloves for easier material handling with the option of round sleeves
  • Safe filtration of exhaust air with a double HEPA filters
  • Electronic control system for automatic adjustment of the basic operating modes
  • Controlled by colour touchscreen
  • Audible and visual indication of emergency conditions
  • Visualisation of the progress of each of the production steps and current parameters
  • Easy-to-clean inner and outer surfaces
  • Possibility to integrate balance and weighing terminal
  • Possibility to integrate a barcode reader
  • 230V IP65 electrical sockets inside the working chamber



  • Oval shape flanges for gloves for easier material handling (it is possible to use round shape flanges for gloves)

  • Simple cleaning of inner and outer surfaces

  • Bezpečná filtrace vzduchu na odtahu z izolátoru s dvojící HEPA filtrů H14

  • Electronic control system for automatic setting of basic operating states

  • Control color touch screen

  • Safe replacement of the main filter

  • Safe replacement of gloves


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