HVAC solution thinkingLAB

Cost-saving system for ventilation of laboratories

The thinkingLAB system is a complete HVAC solution for laboratories. It provides control and monitoring of air conditions in the entire laboratory in relation to the quantity of air exhaust from individual fume hoods. The basic element of the thinkingLAB system is the DGLE fume hood.

1 Air-conditioning unit 2 Air supply 3 Air exhaust 4 Outlet of air exhausted from the laboratory 5 Fume hood 6 Exhausted cabinet 7 Air flow controller /constant exhaust/ 8 Silencer 9 Air flow controller (controlled flap) 10 Air supply inlet 11 Local exhaust 12 Source bridge


The thinkingLAB system automatically provides:

  • Variable air flow in relation to the position of the open window
  • Constant air speed safeguard at the opened fume hood window
  • Air flow minimization when closing the fume hood
  • Closing of the fume hood window and air flow minimization with a motion sensor when inactive under the fume hood

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