Guarantee of Parameters

All of our cleanrooms meet the EN ISO 14644 requirements and guarantee specific hygiene, fire safety, static and other properties. Both individual products and cleanrooms as a whole meet these requirements.


Requirements on the quality of inner surroundings:

The required parameters of inside-environment quality can be guaranteed in the defined closed space when values are clearly specified. Exacting standards are met by cleanrooms and isolator workplaces. They are designed so that


  • particle and microbial contamination is minimized
  • proper temperature and humidity of the surroundings is maintained
  • they meet the required parameters of:
    • pressure – vacuum and overpressure systems
    • air circulation – removal of contamination from the processes
    • air flow velocity and uniformity
    • noise level, vibrations, elimination of electrostatic charges, etc.


Critical parameters of cleanrooms differ according to the processes that take place within.



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