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"Creating conditions"

BLOCK® is a respected multi-national group of companies operating in many countries with a history that goes back to 1991. We bring complete, functional, cutting-edge projects to fruition, with a focus on advanced technology (high-tech) and high quality environments (clean rooms).

We are a development, engineering, project delivery, and implementation company with an experienced group of technicians, technologists and engineers who manage and turn project ideas into reality. We offer our customers comprehensive services in project planning, manufacture, construction and subsequent servicing. Our solutions guarantee the optimization of capital and operating costs and consistently emphasize protection of the environment. Within the framework of our services we deliver our own isolator technology as well.

Our solutions guarantee optimization of investment and operating costs and emphasize subsequent environmental protection.  

We provide fabrications for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, healthcare, science and research, microelectronics and automotive industries as well as for other industrial buildings utilizing cleanroom technology.

Our implementations are strengthened by our own production program.






Corporate Identity

"Perfect results need perfect conditions"

We know that perfect results require perfect conditions, so it is our aim to give you the perfect working environment and conditions, upon which you can rely fully, and that will enable you to focus solely on your important work.


Strategic Goal and Mission

Our strategic goal is the long-term sustainable development of the BLOCK®. The attainment of this goal begins with the fulfilment of our mission, which is at the heart of why we exist:

„To create conditions to turn your visions into reality as a dependable partner.“



Our vision is represented as a path along which all future steps are taken in order to achieve long-term sustainable development:

  • To be the first choice for our customers right from the beginning as they develop their projects.
  • To be creative in maintaining effective processes.
  • To be an inspiration in the milieu in which we work, to be a builder of success.
  • The BLOCK® trademark is grounded in the promotion of a responsible approach to the environment.


Recognized Values

On the road to long-term sustainable development, our values point the direction and help us make the correct decisions in each step of the way. BLOCK® values are:

  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Expertise
  • Loyalty


Quality Policy

  • Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers.
  • The company puts emphasis on the process of continuous education of its employees who consequently provide value-added service to our customers.
  • We continuously improve the efficiency of our processes.
  • We provide solutions to our customers in line with present trends e.g. 3D projecting or building information modeling (BIM).
  • We deliberately provide our services to European standards of quality.


Environmental Protection Policy

The activities of BLOCK® do not have significant negative effects on the environment.

The activities of BLOCK® and the implementations of its projects shall adhere to the following principles:

  • Comply with all applicable legislated provisions, i.e. laws, decrees and regulations related to environmental protection.  We apply these requirements in all operations of the company.
  • Maintain and improve processes related to environmental protection.
  • Assure preventive measures are in place to minimize possible environmental impacts.
  • Maintain and update elaborated emergency plans.
  • Inform the public and our staff about programs undertaken and goals achieved in environmental protection. This is carried out on the web.


Policy of Occupational Health and Safety

  • We comply with all applicable legislated provisions, i.e. the laws, decrees and regulations related to occupational health and safety. We apply these provisions in all spheres of our company’s activities.
  • We continuously improve processes related to OHS.
  • We teach employees both to adhere to, and to enforce, the obligations set forth in this policy.




Company History


The company has been undergoing intensive development. The philosophy
of cost centers was chosen. 32 employees were employed in the studio, design
and engineering, air-conditioning, delivery and technology cost centres.

Block a.s.



The company is growing and the number
of employees increases to 81.

The number of employees increased to 187.
Establishment of a subsidiary company G.M. Projekt s.r.o.

30 let



BLOCK established a subsidiary company MAAP s.r.o. and ZAL UP Ltd.
An office was also established in Prague.



The receipt of the first ISO 9001 certificate
from Lloyd’s Register.

Lloayd's Register

The number of employees increased to 187.
Establishment of a subsidiary company G.M. Projekt s.r.o.



The grouping of BLOCK Holding started production of cleanroom
components in Slovakia in its subsidiary FOR Clean by equipping laboratories.


Since 2001 the grouping of BLOCK Holding has been operating under the new
name BLOCK® Group and has 480 employees. 210 of them in BLOCK a.s.

Block a.s.



The product range has been expanded with the production of isolator technology.





















ISO 9001:2016, ISO 14001:2016, ISO 45001:2018

Since 1997, BLOCK® has been a holder of the “Quality Management System” certificate, which has been successfully defended every year. Following continuous improvement, BLOCK® has also obtained certification for the “Environmental Management System” and the “Occupational Health and “Safety Management System”.

Integrated systems are controlled according to the applicable standards of norms:

  • ISO 9001:2016 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2016 – Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001:2018 (OHS) – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

whereby they are audited within the scope of the activities specified in the individual certificates for each company of the BLOCK® Group.

TÜV certificate registration number: 14.252.123, valid until November 30, 2024


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Safe Enterprise

“A Safe Enterprise Certificate” in line with the requirements of ILO-OSH 2001 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

BLOCK a.s. has held the SAFE ENTERPRISE certificate since 2004; it verifies functionality, transparency and a practical and economically efficient model of safety management at BLOCK in compliance with requirements of EU directives. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic and the State Labour Inspection Office of the Czech Republic confirm the “Safe Enterprise” programme.

The Safe Enterprise programme is founded in the policy that a sound work site is an integral part of the quality management of every successful company. Meeting the programme's requirements both contributes to a higher level of labour risk prevention as well as to a higher culture of safety at work, better amenity of work and higher productivity of labour.

Registration number 13/20/BP, valid until 1.6.2023


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Certificate in Authorization – Analyses, Measurements and Testing Department (AMT)

On the basis of a special and QMS audit and being an authorized laboratory in the field of public health, BLOCK's Department of Analyses, Measurements and Testing has obtained the prolonged CERTIFICATE IN AUTHORIZATION in compliance with the Statute No. 258/2000 Coll. (Statute on protection of public health). BLOCK has maintained this certificate since 2009.

The certificate is issued by the National Institute of Public Health in Prague, which is entrusted by the Ministry of Health to perform the authorizations. The AMT Department is a laboratory qualified to perform activities to the extent as specified by the below authorization sets:

  • B3 - Measurement of filamentous dust and purity classes of indoor environments of structures
  • B4 - Investigation and measurement of microclimatic parameters in indoor environments of structures
  • H5 - Investigation and measurement of microclimatic parameters in working environments


Our Certificate in Authorization, number A0150100121, is valid until 4 February 2026.


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Certificates relating to specific products are included in the E-Catalog under product documentation.

Certificates relating to specific materials are contained in the E-Catalog under documentation of products in which the given material has been used.



Association Membership


We support the continuous education and development of our employees and membership in related organizations:



ISPE – The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering 

  • Membership for individuals
  • We work according to Good Engineering Practice and apply the latest knowledge, which we gain through membership in ISPE.
  • ISPE is a community of pharmaceutical professionals who possesses expert knowledge and create high-quality, cost-effective GMP solutions. ISPE members gain wide and multifaceted advantages that increase their understanding in the pharmaceutical industry, enable them to join similar professionals worldwide and gain abilities to resolve GMP and regulator questions. They are given tools and resources for their professional growth.




VIP 3000

  • Membership for individuals
  • The 3000 Interest Association for Pharmaceutical Constructions, an incorporated association (Der Verein Interessengemeinschaft Pharmabau 3000 e.V.), is focused on the support of all technologies related to the planning and implementation of up-to-date pharmaceutical industrial facilities, cleanrooms and related specialized rooms. It promotes new knowledge in the branch and supports its implementation. It encompasses following fields: pharmaceutical-processing technologies, construction of new production buildings suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and services in the building sector.

VIP 3000 - downloading HERE



Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices

All members of the association attest to the high quality of their products and services. The association’s goal is to support companies in the domestic as well as the global markets. Thanks to board members’ knowledge and experience and the support of AMSMD, quality suppliers just starting out can also establish themselves trading in the highly competitive medical devices and services market.

The main focus of the association is branch development, marketing support for member companies, education support for employees of member companies and information services in the spheres of legislation and quality management.



Swiss Clean Room Concept

The Swiss Clean Room Concept is a community of experts in pharmaceutics in Switzerland.

It is an organization that periodically organizes seminars and training courses on the topic of pharmaceutics in Basel (the heart of pharmaceutics in Switzerland) and put on an “Event” twice a year, to which customers are invited. One aspect this event includes small exhibition tables for the presentation of the suppliers and talks on various topics.


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