Surgical - Pass-through cabinet for operating theatre 406.01

Pass-through cabinets are used to supply materials to the operating theatre from the sterile hallway. The cabinets are produced in two versions. One version is equipped with three stainless steel shelves and with a travel-through space at the bottom. The travel-through space allows personnel to transport stainless steel containers with sterile materials (or sterile materials without containers) from the central sterilisation room on medical carts of standardized dimensions. One person opens the pass-through cabinet from the sterile hallway and pushes the cart inside. Another person from the operating theatre then takes the cart out. Any remaining material can be stored on shelves in the pass-through cabinet. The second version is equipped with six shelves. It is recommended that each operating theatre have one or two pass-through cabinets in order to create sufficient storage space for materials necessary for the surgical procedures.