Lamellar field of circulating units 110.06

The lamellar field can mean an assembly of several circulating units assembled into a solid surface over the entire working space or the production line. The lamellar field is made up of circulating unit arranged in parallel or in series with each other connected by a cable and connected to the mains of the auxiliary switchboard by a flexible cord. Comunication cable and flexible cord are included in every CU. The switchboard is specified by the code in Chapter 110.86A and it is common to every three CU's. There is one terminal CU in each lamellar field and it is necessary to fit it to the Terminator connector according to the wiring diagram. CU's themselves are specified in Chapter 110.04C Circulating Unit.

CU's are mounted at a height of 2100 mm above the floor at least 300 mm bellow the suspended ceiling. It is possible to use additional covers of sheet metal cassettes, which are anchored to the upper surface of the CU and the suspended ceiling. It is specified separately in Chapter 110.85A Covering.

The lamellar field under CU may be a closed space, separated from the adjacent area by screens. The screens must be easily removable and cleanable for hygiene reasons. They may be fixed or removable and are specified in Chapter 110.06 Screens.

The lamellar field can be controlled by a computer which may control up to 32 CU's at a time. The power supply to the computer is provided from a free socket in the auxiliary switchboard above CU. The terminal control is a touch panel, or a connection to the central control panel.
For a small lamellar field (approx 4-6 CU's), a separate touch screen control can be used. This is specified in Chapter 110.83A Lamellar Field Control.

There are HEPA filters in CU that are specified separately in Chapter 110.87A HEPA Filters.

It is installed into a lightweight coffered suspended ceiling or into a suspended ceiling with a visible grid.

  • laminarizator - standard
  • perforated sheet

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