Modular partition panel 102.04


  • The whole system is self-supporting – it does not need anchoring in walls and in ceiling.
  • Dimensions of the module: 6.5 m x 1.25 m, maximum height: 4 m.
  • Any number of the modules may be assembled side by side in both directions.
  • Air circulation is provided by FFU units; the module does not need any connection to a central HVAC system.


  • The support system consists of aluminium profiles and of sandwich-type panels.
  • The panels are anchored in the aluminium support profiles. Joints are blinded by covers. 
  • The aluminium profiles and panels establish a flat plain, thus preventing it from occurrence of non-cleanable spots.
  • Inside a partition wall is a sufficient space for distribution of media and electric energy distribution.


  • Consists of an aluminium grid and of embedded, single-case panels. 
  • The panels and the grid establish a flat plain, thus providing it from occurrence of non-cleanable spots.
  • Into the soffit may be inserted integrated lighting units and openings for sprinkler heads may be made.
  • In the walkable variant the soffit features the surface load capacity 75 kg/m2 and the random load capacity 150 kg.


  • Simple dismantling and interchangeable parts.
  • Any time when necessary, this enables:
  1. Simple integration of technologies, cabinets, and of other elements,
  2. Simple layout change of a clean room.
  • Meets high demands on hygienic harmlessness, simple cleaning, and disinfecting.
  • Simple and rapid assembly.
  • Wide scale of colour and material layouts.



modulární vestavba.jpg


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