Wall exhaust adapter with safety changing HEPA filter 109.06


Ventilation grilles with pocket filter are used to extract air from rooms or local areas with dust generation. They prevent the transfer of pollutants and dust particles into the exhaust system.



  • Possibility of installation into any partition system BLOCK a.s..
  • Pocket filters are fitted with a perforated grid at the inlet
  • The service opening for a safe filter change is covered with a hatch,
  • Above the adapter there is a hole for scanning the filter.
  • Possibility of stainless steel design.
  • Meet explosive atmosphere parameters

 109_06_celkový pohled.jpg

1 - Exhaust adapter; 2 - TROX adapter; 3 - Collar;
4 - Partition panel width 60mm; 5 - Service hatch, 6 - Perforated grid, 8 - Basic profile



  • A safe filter change protects the environment and technology from contamination
  • quick assembly and disassembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • color stability
  • corrosion protection