Tall cabinets and mid-size cabinets 210.01


  • Tall, medium and wardrobe cabinets complement system Forlab with the practical storage solutions in the laboratories, pharmacies and wherever is required equipment which meets all of the requirements for appearance, function and durability, as well as the criteria of standards and safety
  • We offer variants of the cabinets with glazing where glass mounted on an aluminum frame
  • Load capacity of the shelf 30 kg.
  • Load capacity of the drawer 30 kg.

Variants of implementation:

  • Tall cabinets
    • The depth of tall cabinets may be selected from two options (450 and 600 mm). 
    • Cabinets with one door in the basic version are equipped with 3 adjustable shelves and cabinets with a split doors are equipped  with 1 fixed and 2 adjustable shelves. Combined cabinets with drawers are in the basic version equipped with 1 adjustable shelf.

  • Medium cabinets
    • The depth of medium cabinets may be selected from two options (450 and 600 mm)
    • In the basic version cabinets are equipped with 1 adjustable shelf

Střední skříne.jpg

  • Wardrobes
    • The depth of wardrobe can be selected from two options (450 a 600 mm). 
    • The cabinet is equipped with 1 fixed shelf, in the top part of cabinet, under the shelf is positioned rod for hanging of clothes