Bottom cabinets 204.02

204-02D-600-550-870-1DL.jpg 204-02D-900-550-870-2Z2D.jpg 204_01 3Z.JPG

  • The tables bottom cabinets (204.02) together with corner cabinets (204.03) and sink cabinets (204.01) form a group, which allows flexibility in setting up working space with storage space.
  • Thus assembled table is intended to laboratories, clean rooms, pharmacies, schools and wherever required equipment which meets all the requirements for appearance, function and durability, as well as the criteria for compliance with standards and security.
  • The table consists of worktop, cabinets and transitions of cabinets to the floor.
  • Assemblies of the tables can be completed with metal construction and the panel of type LSK for mediums.
  • Load capacity of the shelf 30 kg.
  • Load capacity of the drawer 30 kg.

Sample assembly





1 - Bottom cabinets for table assemblies, chapter 204.02
2 - Table desk, chapter  205.01
3 - Covering cabinets to the floor, chapter 204.04


Variants of implementation:

  • Standard depth of cabinets for assemblies is 550 mm

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