Automatic sliding door 104.22

Automatic sliding doors may be adapted to many different access requirements in order to fulfil their function in an optimum and reliable manner. Automatic sliding doors are powered by an AC motor. The motor is controlled by a microprocessor-equipped frequency converter, thus keeping the automatic door under perfect control in every situation, with an emphasis on safety.

The motor may be controlled by means of control accessories, including a remote control, and may also be connected to security systems.

The facing of the door leaf consists of a molded tile produced by precision molding. Reinforcements from galvanized steel sheet are glued-in along the perimeter of the facing in order to increase the rigidity of the door leaf, the mounting of the hinge and the lock. Standardly, the filler is mineral wool. The door leaf is solid or glazed with the PHARMA system, offering double-sided glazing where the glass pane is in plane with the surface of the door leaf. It is possible to install blinds in the space between the glass panes.


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