Handle 212.04

 Handle U1

The U1 handle is available in chrome finish or RAL white finish. This type of bracket is not recommended on stainless steel cabinets.

  • Material: zinc
  • Finish: chrome
  • Length: 135 mm
  • Width: 7 mm
  • Height: 35 mm
  • Pitch: 128 mm
  • Order code: 0246300

Handle U2

The U2 handle is available in chrome finish (common laboratories, laminated furniture, metal furniture with RAL finish), eventually with surface imitating stainless steel.

  • Material: zinc
  • Finish: chrome, stainless steel imitation
  • Length: 136 mm
  • Width: 25 mm
  • Height: 24 mm
  • Pitch: 128 mm
  • Order code:
    • chrome matt: 5386837
    • stainless steel imitation: 5386901


Cabinet handle Definitions:

  • When defining handles for individual cabinets, their surface finish is governed by the material design. table above. In the case of another solution, in the last section of the code, Q is selected and all required changes compared to the standard are added verbally.

Ordering handles in the design chapter:

  • The following applies when defining separate handles:
    • U1 - chrome finish
    • U2 - chrome finish
  • U1 with RAL white and U2 in imitation stainless steel is defined by:
    • the desired shape is selected - U1 or U2
    • in an atypical embodiment, Q is selected and the finish is verbally completed.