NewsWe manufacture an Isolator for Teva Czech Industries s.r.o.

We manufacture an Isolator for Teva Czech Industries s.r.o.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is very important to protect people from dangerous substances. We are currently manufacturing the isolator for protection of HAPI category OEB 5 (a highly dangerous active substance). It will be delivered to Teva Czech Industries s.r.o. which is one of the largest Czech pharmaceutical companies.

The isolator consists of four chambers. Each of the chambers was designed for a different operation. On the sides there are situated chambers for input and output of materials. There are also two working chambers in the central part. They are equipped with process equipment. A glass reactor and a filter unit are placed in the material preparation chamber. In the second chamber there is a vacuum dryer where the material is dried. It is integrated into the back wall of the chamber.

In this time, the isolator is assembling in a manufacturing plant of customer. Subsequently, it will be tested and handed over to the customer.

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