NewsWe finished modern Vaccine research and development centre

We finished modern Vaccine research and development centre

The work was performed in the so-called “turnkey” mode from the very beginning to the validation and final building approval. In March 2015 BLOCK a.s. draw up a “volume study” within the project team together with architect, Mr. Sošťák; subsequently the project documentation for the building permit and the documentation for the selection of contractor. In May 2016 we became the winner of the complete delivery, including technologies, and then the work was handed over to the user in less than a year. The complete delivery represented the investment volume amounting to CZK 210 million. Due to complex foundation situation, the building is founded on deep piles and reinforced concrete stripes. The bearing structure consists of a reinforced concrete skeleton sheathed by sandwich-type panels filled by mineral wool; the final layer of the roofing structure consists of mPVC. Windows are partially of plastic, partially of aluminium frames. The object was connected to the complete infrastructure within the Bioveta a.s. premises, including follow-up roads for the purpose of travelling inside the premises. For the time being, within the built-in rooms we have implemented 1st stage, i.e. the central shop for culture media and the central washing room for all follow-up productions within the Bioveta a.s. premises. At present, 2nd stage is vacant and is left for the future company's development; nevertheless, preparation has been started for the use of this part as well. On the 3rd stage there is the production of influenza vaccines tested on chicken embryos and, from the biological viewpoint, it is included in the infection zone, class BSL2. Furthermore, for the 3rd stage premises have been designed for the production of cell cultures.

The production part premises are air-conditioned by HVAC units:

  • 6 HVAC systems for the clean rooms, featuring the total air output 106,700 m3/h (purity class A, B, and C);
  • 4 HVAC systems for ambient premises, featuring the total air output 23,000 m3/h (controlled and ambient rooms, machine-rooms);

For the needs of the HVAC systems designed were:

  • The central chill source with the output 587 kW, thermal gradient 7/12 °C;
  • A small unit, 14 kW, thermal gradient -2/+2 °C.

For the needs of clean media the following has been implemented:

  • PW production device (output 3,500 l/h + 10 m3 reservoir);
  • Common production of clean steam and WFI (350 l/h of WFI + 4,500 l reservoir or 1,350 kg/h of clean steam).

Compressed air is produced here in a separate machine-room with the output 80 l/h, with a receiver and adsorption drier. Sterile air is filtered in a consumption spot.

The whole object is supplied from a concrete transformer station with two transformer cells and MV and LV switchboards, 1,600 kVA; 22/0.4 kV transformer being fitted. The transformer is connected to a new MV feeder from the intra-premises distribution main; the Novelty Hall then by a new LV branch to the switchgear on 4th stage. To backup en electricity outage, a new 510 kVA diesel generator is fitted, with a cowling for ambient space, including an ATS switchboard for “network/generator” switching.

Heat generation for heating, HVAC and HUW is secured by a new gas boiler-room with the rated output 855 kW. It is fitted with two boilers; a part of it is also the HUW heating. The boiler-room is connected to the low-pressure gas branch from the intra-premises main.

Technical steam for the technological and clean media needs (8 bar, and 5 bar) is supplied by a new branch from a nearby central boiler-house.

Within deliveries of technology, BLOCK a.s. has delivered, installed and put into operation hot air sterilizers, hatcheries and pre-hatcheries, biohazards, incubators, fillers, freezers, and other technology.

The whole preparation, as well as the implementation itself, was complex due to time and technology demands. This work has shown that we have been able to offer customers high quality of complete services when maintaining favourable and compatible price.


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