Company profile

Company profile

BLOCK® GROUP is a respected, successful and innovative multi-national corporation with a history of operation in many countries since 1991.

We realise functionally cutting-edge complete systems for investment, with a focus on advanced technology (high-tech) and high quality environments (clean rooms). We are a development, engineering and project delivery company with an experienced group of technicians, technologists and engineers who manage and implement constructions.

We offer our customers comprehensive services in project preparation, manufacture, construction and subsequent servicing. Our solutions guarantee the optimisation of capital and operating costs and emphasise consistent protection of the environment.

Our projects are supported by their own production programs. 

We realise constructions for the pharmaceutics, biotechnologies, healthcare, science and research, microelectronics and automotive industries as well as for other industrial buildings utilising clean room technology.

We know that perfect results require perfect conditions, so it is our philosophy to create the perfect environment and conditions for your work, on which you can fully rely, and that will enable you to entirely focus on your work.



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